TTCEC Members


A –Part House

African Methodist

Episcopal Church

Assemblies of Evangelical Bible Churches
of Trinidad and Tobago

Baptist Union of
Trinidad and Tobago

Bible Society of
Trinidad and Tobago

Christian Mission

Christian Union Church

Church of God
Deliverance Temple

Church of God for
All Nations
(Garden of Prayer)

Church of God
of Prophesy

Church of Scotland

Church of the

Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Faith Revival Ministries

Forty Carlos Street
Church of God

Full Gospel

Fellowship International

Gospel Light Church

Grace Chapel

Hospital Christian

House of Praise

Light of Life

Little Flock
Christian Mission
(The Father’s House)

Mennonite Church

Methodist Church

Missions International

New Covenant

New Testament
Church of God

Open Bible Standard Churches

Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies

Pentecostal United Holy Church (Faith Tabernacle)

Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago

Salvation Army

Tobago Pastors and Ministers Assn.

Trinidad Christian Centre

Valley Deliverance Temple

Wesleyan Holiness Church
Trinidad and Tobago

West End Christian Centre

Worldwide Church
of God
(Grace Community Church)

Worldwide Harvest Fellowship

Assemblies of Evangelical Bible Churches
of Trinidad and Tobago


Denominations, Christian Groups or individuals who may receive nomination or invitation from the Executive Committee, wishing to join the Council shall apply on the requisite form and submit same to the Executive Secretary.

Potential members must then be nominated and seconded by 2 member bodies of the Council

A 2/3 majority vote of members of the Council, present and voting, shall be required for membership

Notice of the application coming to the Council for a vote must be given at least 14 days in advance